Updated: 01/26/2021
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*'s direly important for site opperation
More to be added as I find them.
suggestions, thoughts or coffee can be submitted to joe [at] shellcity [dot] net as long as you inject them with bleech first.
considering open sourcing this at a later time. Not to sure yet.

	One tested Negative but need to do more tests! man what a pain.
	Other than the ongoing issue with some of the feeds they seem to be working, updating every 4 hours now
	Not been doing Much. Family still on the COVID watch and this hasn't been a priority though still keeping thoughts on it.
	Thanks to Ed K. for letting me know about the 404 error. forcing ssl messed up my rewrite.
	Speaking of, Addled ssl requirement.  Google Analitics, add this, etc.. cause it to be n0t 100% becuase of external files.
	Will probably remove these, privacy issues. ::middle_finger:: google will be looking for another non-evasive statistic service
	Some feeds with valid feeds are still not updating. going to create better error checking and logging for these and go from there.
	Next priority is the top lists.  I have no idea how this really works... yet
	While I havn't made much site progress i've made some other external progress.  More to come.

	Waiting on another COVID test to come through.  Third time i've been isolated >.<
	During this time i found what i think is emptying the database. going to start up the cronjob for updating again.
	installing updates for the os, hopeing it doesn't break shit. Thankfully I have backups.

	Over the weekend all the feeds broke again. I cannot find a reason for it.  there is nothing in the old site set to update or delete the table the feed items are in
	only two things i can think of is something in my logic is deleting them.  I disabled the delete function.  seems to have worked for a day.
	other thing i can think of, I was borderline with vm resources and it is just breaking.  I upgraded the VM.
	Need to get the number of queries down and also disc reads. However i believe this will also break the old code.

	Scarlet Vision comes out on Diz+ today!  got to binge mando to get to it.

	In pushing to update the default feeds today.
	Trying to avoid politics on recommended or default.  It amazes me how Politices has infeltrated Tech.
	It gets even worse when you realize its is so one sided.  The truth doesn't matter any more... /sigh.. anyway  thats my statement on that.. expect very little of it Geek before spreading the word of liberty here ;-)
	Once i get the default done I think all i really need to do is fix search and top lists.
	For the feeds.. since sooo many of your feeds are gone I am going to put ALL feeds in the recommended section for a month or so.  YOu may see some politices there that you don't agree with... suck it up butter cup. Half of america doesn't agree with you and you know what?  That is okay different opinions does not make someone bad.... oh shit.. thats another statement.. i lied sorry.

	Thanks to everyone stick it out. I'm getting there.

	Default done, need to remove one or two it seems.  monitoring

	Just realized how long its been since i updated shell city.  I really need to remember.

	found some feeds not loading did some error checking.. broke them all.  working again but still those handful not.
	other wise seems to be okay.  might mess around with that more over the weekend.

	Did add some more err checking but its not picking up any errors... which.. i don't understand, there are errors >.< maybe the error is me
	going to add some vm backups and then try to update the OS again.. maybe tonight but probably tomorrow X your fingers.

	Yesterday found an error in the updater that was not inserting valid feeds.  I got an idea, and then annother and then..... ..

	I re wrote the updater this morning.  it faster, more efficient and more forgiving... unless the feed it self is complete garbage.
	for example daily cup of tech doesn't exist now and the suspension page really made it mad.  the right error checking shoudl fix this... later.
	ran an update to all remaining 900ish feeds it seems almost all worked properly.

	Updated the recommended list.  there are still a bunch of dupe's but getting there.
	tonight or tomorrow updating the default feeds.

	Got an account? let me know how your feed is looking send me screen shots or whatever  If i took out one of yours let me know we'll see if we can get it back!
	Busy day, nothing done that would be visible. only small changes that do not effect the main page.

	Noticed some fatal error issues last night.  old code popping up again.  I think this might happen from time to time until i get a more complete rewrite done. (maybe never lol)
	Some feeds don't display at times but works on the next.  I think this is a database issue.  Going to check the back end.
	Ajax not working on the fly, initial testing, loging out and back in seems to correct this.  might be a cookie issue.
	Didn't get to remove/fix feeds last night.  If nothing crazy happens to day i'll pick through them.
	Investigating why some valid feeds are not updating properly in between work stuff
	I think I figured out why those feeds do not appear to be updating.  Mixed methods of updating/listing appear to be causing the problems on some feeds. This is a change i was planning on doing later anyway but not for this reason. I hope it doesn't break what was working lol.
	After removing many that simply did not work i'm going to create a list of ones i'm removing that don't fit. this list will be at the bottom of this document.
	Ever have one of those OH DUH! moments.  Yeah yesterday, hit that.
	Found out why my updater worked on the rewrite but not on the old page.  I never disabled the old page so it was updating twice and since the old updater doesn't work on this server......
	MANY feeds include media and HTML in their feeds.  This is 'okay' normally but doesn't work here. Need to sanitize.
	removed about another 500 feeds that where not working at all.  If you found one missing that you want.  you should be able to readd it useing the add link.
	I removed nearly all the recommended feeds.  I'll be readding a bunch.  I'm guessing probably around 50 or so.
	Once i get the inserts working and get recommended going  I'll be working on the top list(s)
	There are around 1k feeds left in the database.

	Some updated policies I will generally follow and plans (my site i'll do what i want)
	I will only be adding Sci/Tech too it recommended I find interesting.  If you have a suggestion let me know.  Sci/Tech only.  YOu can add other feeds but i will not put them on the recommended.
	Stuff like EFF, Internet Censorship, Net Neutrality, sec. 230  and such is good as it is at least semi related even if more political than Tech as long as they are not generally political feeds. (like huffpo tech feed okay, huffpo main feed not)
	So add them, if you think you want them on recommended good ask.
	I may add links to sites that maybe political in general but to articles that relate to tech and lobby for things like Net Neutrality.
	DailyRotation twitter is not me.  It is Bob's but feel free to talk to him, cool guy :-)
	I quit most social media so I have no social media contacts.  Use the contact link to get a hold of me.
	Some plans on other "non mainstream" social sites but not something terribly important.
	Part of the reason for not using the "big guys" is to add some variety to other networks rather than just political stuff
	now that other things are working, i found some errors on inserts.  Link field too small character encoding.  Previous check for encoding is depricated and no longer works.  May have beena problem on the old setup but i didn't notice since my involvement was just to attempt to keep the old VM up.

	for some reason the link titles are coming up blank on a good portion of the links.. still.. moving forward instead of backward +1
	THink i generally fixed the blank links
	a handful of feeds have valid feeds yet still are not updating.
	going to ride it out a while to see what happens.

	Changing my auto updater task.  I'll be starting it up in about an hour.  It will be configured to make sure they update at least twice a day.
	In the mean time i'm going to update my recommended list and update the default feeds sites that "should" be working should have this mostly done tonight.
	magpi is still trying to get in there, removed all its functions (from what i can find) and removed it.  Removed magpi from other modules that i could find.  I have a feeling it will pop up again but one problem at a time.

	If there is an RSS feed Missing that you had before let me know.

	If nothing dreadful happens over night, i'm going to enable SSL. Look at optimizing the database better and consider upgrading the vm or offloading the DB to another server.  DB speed isn't bad for just a few visits at a time now that i'm not updating 1k feeds at a time.

	the default page is now working.  HOWEVER i'm clearing the headline database and going to update all the feeds tonight.... i hope.
	the TL;DR of the MAIN trouble i'm having.  Old code is from 1914 and badly needs updated.  New code just doesn't want to work with the layout that i don't want to change.
	the good news is, the worst part with the old is the background updater.. and that is one of the things the new code is doing the best at.
	I have it updating all bazzillion feeds now.  Will see the front end picks them up.  Site will be god aweful slow today (not that it really matters).
	There is still work to be done for sure.  Some of the formatting on the feeds isn't working properly.  likely just stripping slashes and such.
	need to clean out the feeds too.  I already got about 1000 out that havn't updated in a year before the site transfer.
	I "fixed" the updater to make the bad feed checker work a bit more not bad. so once it finds all the broken feeds i'll pull them out.
	today i learned that the only feeds showing up in the checkboxes are the recommended ones.. there are hundreds (if not thousands) more in the data base.  I mean just eyeballing it should have noticed but i didn't think about it until i started looking at the user functions.
	One of the perks to doing all of this.  I'm seeing a bunch of feeds for sites I have forgotten about over the years.
	I'm seriously considering removing all non-tech/science stuff out as i find it.  I mean i added babalon bee to the recommended.. but that was just testing.  There are many that fit this bill.
	I also have a plan, if the user base should return after this whole mess.... of making a list of all the feeds for users to vote on to make recommended.
	Also, thoughts suggestions or just a note so i know that my time isn't being totally wasted.  (i'd do it anyway though)

	there are a lot of id's from recomended feeds that just don't work.  I need to change my error checking script.. other wise seems much better.  i also noticed that the ajax for the removal and moving of items isn't quite right.  If an item is in the first slot it cannot be removed.  if you move it to another slot you can remove it. might be the whole array starts at 0

	My cares are gone today.  scrapping what i've been working on and starting over.  I missed something and i cannot find it now.
	Also looks like my updater broke.  'should' be an easy fix.
	figured out my problem... but my time upcoming is going to be limited.  Instead of upgrading the code right now i'm going to attempt to just repopulate the database and go with the old.

	Got feeds "mostly" formatted. still some minor issues, but the ajax dragging seems to be working. but don't have it configured to save it yet.
	Changed Default feeds to be random 25 feeds instead of static.  Gives more varity.  will probably change this to be 25 random feeds for the day to reduce the query from updating every visit to query once a day.
        Anonymous user IS GOING AWAY, however I might give those anons option to store feeds in cookies.  One less point of entry.  will need to create a cookie policy as well should that be the case.
	readded a bunch of code to get the overall page format back to normal.  Will have to pick through to see what I was missing later.
	my current re-write of the back end got bloated to 170 lines with comments.  I'm projecting about 250lines for feed updates and display and about another 1-200 for user functions.
	seems like every change i make today boogers up the feed formatting.
	every change is messing stuff up because I found another logic error on my part.  if else for while son of a bitch lol.  Once i find it things should be falling into place again as i know the other issues now.... .. i hope

	Over the weekend having lots of logic errors (on my part) got no where useful
	Logic starting to work for me.  Got the feeds to display. Working on formatting to previous layout
	formatting getting there, but seems like in the process I busted the previous CSS which might be trickling down so now i need to walk back up... 

	Added feed updates to cron.
	working on getting feeds formatted for main page.  going horribly

	pretty busy day, minor things only.
	running updates in the background.  These updates "may" show on the main page using the old code.  This will be replaced so any changes made won't be reflected.
	In the processes of the updates it is watching for broken feed links and some malformed documents.  also remnents from an injection attack years ago.
	Guestimate of feeds to be removed, i would say around 50% which would still leave around 1000 feeds. Many of which may still be broken.
	Most feeds now updated will now run around 50 random feeds every 25 minutes until live.  Once live comes i'll change this to 50 every 10 minutes.
	This should give the feeds better 'feel' and update more consistantly.	
	some progress on the userfacing side yesterday and today.  will update this info later on.

12/29/2020: Latenight/early morning -> cont
	feed display testing complete.  Next adding a single feed to current site.
	full back end functions for getting and displaying items less than 130 lines including comments!  Actual calling of functions will be a bit more but not much
	Domains fully transfered.  Big thanks to Bob and Gerry!
	DB Query update done. Will update them to "newer" implementations at a later time
	Feed update done.  Just need to work on the logic for the timed tasks there are MANY feeds a good portion of which no longer valid
	Created a function along with the feed update to identify dead or malformed feeds.
	Tables work with the new connector flawlessly. almost don't want to update the connector.

	backend nearly "finished" for the feed updating
	cleaning up my code to remove testing. Less than 150lines.. could be less but for another time
	Feed stories cleared, starting fresh.  when live not all feeds will be populated
	found a more efficent way to do error checking on feeds. implemented.
	feed objects breaking becuase of the error checking and malformed RSS feeds. Still a minor issue, may drop description field to remove these problems for the time being.
	"assuming" the feed updating works, will work on adding it to the main page.
	Error checking to find dead feeds, done. Will need to run a complete check as live comes closer
	All feed requests are now using local code instead of third party.
Feeds Removed 01/12/2020 Feeds Fixed (but may not be updating still)