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Send by Firefox

Send lets you upload and encrypt large files (up to 1GB) to share online. When you upload a file, Send creates a link to pass along to whoever you want. Each link created by Send will expire after 1 download or 24 hours, and all sent files will be automat (shellcity)

Microsoft wants to turn your smartphone into your own mobile Xbox device

New patent reveals Microsoft plans to take on Nintendo Switch (gamesradar)

Noble Residence Discovered in Belarus

USHACHI, BELARUS?According to a report in Belarus News, archaeologists from the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus have unearthed an aristocratic residence in the north of the country that dates to the twelfth century. The estate seems to have belong (archaeology)

WWE SummerSlam 2019: Results, new champion, match rankings and full recap - CNET

Beast. Slayed. (feedproxy.google)

Fan favorite All-Clad cookware is slashed up to 80% right now - CNET

A top cookware brand on major discount is just a few clicks away. (feedproxy.google)

Netflix's The Witcher series has cast tiny Geralt of Rivia

What an adorable little monster slayer (gamesradar)

Climate Change is Threatening Air Quality across the Country

Research brief by Climate CentralAs summers heat up, the air we breathe is increasingly at risk of becoming unhealthy, despite decades of air quality improvements.D (feedproxy.google)

Sex appeal helped dinosaurs take flight

Attracting mates with showy displays may have helped dinosaurs develop feathers that let them take flight, according to new research by University of Alberta paleontologists. & (geologypage)

There are 9 Galaxy phones you can buy now. Here's how to tell them apart - CNET

All the Galaxy phones! (feedproxy.google)

How Forests Pay Dividends

In a new study, we found that by the end of the century, substantial plant growth could help sequester fossil-fuel emissions—if we protect our forests-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Exorcists Called as Mass Hysteria Takes Over Malaysian School Girls

A school in Malaysia was shut after a dark spectral figure was reported taking over children?s minds in what is being called a case of ?mass hysteria?, a psychological phenomenon that has been recorded throughout history.School authorities shut the premi (feedproxy.google)

Signing out One Last Time

Today is the last day that I'll be doing the news on Hardocp and I just wanted to tell everyone that it was an honor to be allowed into your workplaces and homes through a few humbly written articles. I hope that my writings brought a little joy and happ (hardocp)

Where We Are Now

For much of the last 25 years, a huge question hanging over the field of fundamental physics has been that of what judgement results from the LHC would provide about supersymmetry, which underpins the most popular speculative ideas in the & (math.columbia.edu)

Newly discovered Labrador fossils give clues about ancient climate

The discovery of fossilized plants in Labrador, Canada, by a team of McGill directed paleontologists provides the first quantitative estimate of the area& (geologypage)

'Clock-like' Neurons Discovered At Last?

The brain is buzzing with gamma oscillations - cycles of neuronal activity with a frequency (around 40-60 Hz) higher than that of other major brain waves.A longstanding hypothesis is that gamma serves as a kind of 'clock signal' that enables the coor (blogs.discovermagazine)

How to Know if a User has Sudo Rights

No description (linuxtoday)

Five Reasons to Eat Insects

Save room for bugs! They're the future of green cuisine. (pbs)

The best Google Assistant and Google Home devices of 2019 - CNET

From smart displays to smart speakers to smart lights and locks, Google Assistant can control a ton of smart home devices. Here are our favorites. (feedproxy.google)

Prize-winning underwear that traps bad smells

A quick video visit with the winner of the 2001 Ig Nobel Prize for biology: & (feedproxy.google)

DistroWatch Weekly, Issue 827

This week in DistroWatch Weekly: Review: Q4OS 3.8News: Ubuntu works toward ZFS on root, Haiku team improves performance, OSDisc shuts downTips and tricks: How to find filesReleased last week: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.7, Ubuntu 18.04.3, Voyager Live 10T (distrowatch)

The Big Bang Is Hard Science. It Is Also a Creation Story. - Issue 75: Story

In some ways, the history of science is the history of a philosophical resistance to mythical explanations of reality. In the ancient world, when we asked ?Where did the world come from?? we were told creation myths. In the modern world, we are instead to (nautil.us)

Tech firms not worried about war with North Korea

Global electronics firms are not particularly concerned if Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump declares war on North Korea.There is some concern among the Tame Apple Press that Apple will not be able to source key parts from South Korea if a war starts.& (techeye)

Supporting Irish women with overweight or obesity to breastfeed ? can we get them to ?Latch On??

To mark World Breastfeeding Week, Sharleen O?Reilly and Eileen O?Brien discuss the development of the new Latch_On randomised trial, which was recently registered at the ISRCTN registryThe post Supporting Irish women with overweight or obesity to breastf (blogs.biomedcentral)

Everything new coming to Netflix this week, and everything leaving (week of August 11)

Another week, another returning Netflix original series. Mindhunter is back for its second season of grisly murders and the conversations that follow, and while the first season had its ups and downs, but ended strong and left viewers with a nail-biting c (feedproxy.google)

Samsung ISOCELL Bright HMX flaunts 108 megapixels in 1/1.33? sensor

It seems that Samsung will be making mobile photography a megapixel count contest yet again. A few months ago, it boasted of the mobile industry& (feeds.slashgear)

The Boys season 2 first look proves the show isn?t going to tone it down anytime soon

The Boys are back for this season 2 bloodfest (gamesradar)

Was 2007 the 'Golden Age of Open Source'?

Just a few months ago, the editor of the recently-departed Linux Journal wrote that in many ways the golden age of Linux and FOSS was 2007. 'Linux was now mainstream in corporate IT, and it was much rarer to meet much resistance when you wanted to set up (rss.slashdot)

Bugatti?s awestruck test driver has us dreaming of Monterey glory - Roadshow

What in the heck is Loris Bicocchi looking at? (feedproxy.google)

One person's harmless japery can be another's night of LaserJet Lego

For goodness sake, please don't go reading any printer manualsWho, Me? Welcome to Who, Me?, The Register's weekly column of confessions from the darker corners of our readers' memories.? (register)

Artificial Vision

In this blog, Dr John Pezaris explains the challenges facing the development of visual prostheses to enable recipients to see, and discusses some of the promising work being done to overcome these.The post Artificial Vision appeared first on On Medicine. (blogs.biomedcentral)

Enjoy endless hours of gameplay with this award-winning series

No description (feedproxy.google)

Splinter Cell's comeback will offer 'some new type of experiences, but more on different devices', promises Ubisoft

Ubisoft insists Splinter Cell is returning, but not in the way we might expect (gamesradar)

Linux 5.3 rc4

No description (linuxtoday)

How To Love Your Enemies

The behavioral science of DIY depolarization-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Science and engineering hit worst as Euroboffins do a little Brexit of their own from British unis

This is fineNewly analysed recruitment figures from British Russell Group universities show a slowing of recruitment of European academics and increasing departures.? (register)

Our Brains Tell Stories So We Can Live - Issue 75: Story

We are all storytellers; we make sense out of the world by telling stories. And science is a great source of stories. Not so, you might argue. Science is an objective collection and interpretation of data. I completely agree. At the level of the study of (nautil.us)

How To Configure Static And Dynamic IP Address In Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Desktop and Server Editions

No description (linuxtoday)

Yellow fever: The new urban and international epidemics

In the latest in a series of Tropical Diseases, Travel Medicine and Vaccines blogs highlighting the current hot topics in tropical medicine. Yellow fever is a familiar disease with a reliable vaccine. Why are urban outbreaks increasing and more internatio (blogs.biomedcentral)

Canon DSLR Cameras Can Be Hacked With Ransomware Remotely

The threat of ransomware is becoming more prevalent and severe as attackers' focus has now moved beyond computers to smartphones and other Internet-connected smart devices.In its latest research, security researchers at cybersecurity firm CheckPoint dem (feedproxy.google)

Calling all cord-cutters! The Amazon Fire TV Recast hits an all-time-low $129.99 - CNET

Priced way below Prime Day and Black Friday, this over-the-air DVR offers a great way to record local channels. (feedproxy.google)

Canonical adds ZFS on root as experimental install option in Ubuntu

Not ready for production yet, warns team as it expands support for file systemCanonical is expanding Ubuntu's support for ZFS, an advanced file system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.? (register)

Alternate Pic View 2.650

A free, simple to use, picture viewer and manipulator for Windows. 2019-08-12 (freewarefiles)

Slow-and-steady drug combo wins race against pancreatic cancer

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most deadly forms of the disease, thanks largely to the fact that the tumors tend to be much more solid. This means that cancer drugs aren't able to get inside to work their magic. But now researchers have identified (feedproxy.google)

Foxconn in secret talks with Trump

Foxconn, including its grand pooh-bah Terry Gou, had secret talks with the White House presumably looking for sweeteners for a $7 billion plus US investment in a display making plant.TVBS television showed Gou entering and leaving one of the entry gates (techeye)

Nmap 7.80 released: A mature Npcap Windows packet capturing driver, 11 new NSE scripts

Nmap is a free and open source utility for network discovery and security auditing. Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. (feedproxy.google)

How Power Delivery is Changing how we Charge

One of the most important factors when it comes to charging our devices is the charging speed for them. These days everyone has some sort of portable device, and we rely on our smartphones, tablets, and laptops to keep up with life. Whether it?s school, w (feedproxy.google)

AFRL achieves record-setting hypersonic ground test milestone

Wright-Patterson AFB OH (SPX) Aug 12, 2019An Air Force Research Laboratory and Air Force Test Center ground test team set a record for the highest thrust produced by an air-breathing hypersonic engine in Air Force history. 'AFRL, in conjunction wit (spacedaily)

Next-generation Audi RS6 Avant teased ahead of September debut - Roadshow

This time, we could see the hopped-up wagon in the US too. (feedproxy.google)

Anvir Task Manager Free Portable 9.3.1

Portable free task manager, startup manager, more. 2019-08-12 (freewarefiles)

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack fans just got 4K burned

It would seem that the future of the Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack is no more! According to the folks at Minecraft & (feeds.slashgear)

Anomali discovers phishing campaign targeting Chinese government agencies

Anomali, a leader in intelligence-driven cybersecurity solutions, published at Black Hat USA 2019 its latest research report: Suspected BITTER APT Continues Targeting Government of China and Chinese Organizations. The Anomali Threat Research Team discover (feedproxy.google)

'Cloud Atlas' Cyberspies Use Polymorphic Malware in Government Attacks

The Cloud Atlas threat group has continued conducting cyber espionage operations and its recent attacks have involved a new piece of polymorphic malware.read more (feedproxy.google)


A powerful, multi-functional, free download manager and accelerator. 2019-08-12 (freewarefiles)

Volatile Species In Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko: Investigating Link From The ISM To The Terrestrial Planets

No description (astrobiology)

The Cheapskate Mystery Box 2019: Help charity and get a big box of loot - CNET

Donate $75 to help three great causes and you'll receive a tech bundle valued at $250 or more. (feedproxy.google)

Instagram, YouTube and Facebook could be fined millions over harmful content - CNET

The UK's crackdown on toxic online content will soon mean fines, restrictions or suspensions for tech companies that fail to take action. (feedproxy.google)

2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R dips into the pony car parts bin for upgrades - Roadshow

The hotter GT350 borrows a few suspension modifications from the GT500. (feedproxy.google)

Avengers: Endgame deleted scenes: Every deleted scene that didn?t make it into the movie

Rocket getting a haircut, Thor taking a whizz ? these Endgame deleted scenes are WILD (gamesradar)

2019 Edition: World Lung Cancer Day Quiz

The post 2019 Edition: World Lung Cancer Day Quiz appeared first on On Medicine. (blogs.biomedcentral)

Tobey Maguire in Avengers: Endgame? Sam Raimi?s Spider-Man has been added to the MCU in these hilarious fan-made videos

Once you watch one, you won?t be able to stop (gamesradar)

Seoul cycle, rinse and repeat: South Korea kicks Japan off white list

Or why My Chemical Romance broke upSouth Korea has retaliated against Japanese trade measures by removing the country from its white list of automatically approved export partners.? (register)

US still 'not prepared' in event of a serious cyber attack and Congress can't help if it happens

Politicians appeal to hackers to take up the fightDEF CON Despite some progress, the US is still massively underprepared for a serious cyber attack and the current administration isn't helping matters, according to politicians visiting the DEF CON hackin (register)

Light Field Lab raises $28 million to rethink the 3D TV

Although 3D TVs may have grabbed all the headlines a decade ago at CES, the tech never found a useful inroad into consumers& (feedproxy.google)

US military swoops into DEF CON seeking a few good hackers for debut aviation pwning village

Faulty F-15s, at-risk airbases and much moreDEF CON For the first time, Vegas's annual DEF CON hacking conference has an 'aviation hacking village', and the US military is scouting around there for a few good hackers to find bugs that its own hackers hav (register)

sysutils/cluster-glue - 1.0.12_3

sysutils/cluster-glue: remove support for expired sysutils/openhpi (freshports)

Ditto lets Apple TV mirror 4 Android, Chrome, or Windows screens at once

Squirrel has created a way for Apple TVs to mirror four screens, including rival platforms, but the cost may be prohibitive for most consumers. (feedproxy.google)

Canonical adds ZFS on root as experimental install option in Ubuntu

Not ready for production yet, warns team as it expands support for file systemCanonical is expanding Ubuntu's support for ZFS, an advanced file system originally developed by Sun Microsystems.? (register)

Someone has already crashed a 2020 Chevy C8 Corvette - Roadshow

That didn't take very long at all. (feedproxy.google)

DesktopOK 6.44

Portable software to save and restore the positions of icons on your Windows desktop. 2019-08-12 (freewarefiles)

Plot twist: Google's not spying on King's Cross with facial recognition tech, but its landlord is

More unregulated creepycams blight LondonBritons working for Google at its London HQ are being secretly spied on by creepy facial recognition cameras ? but these ones aren't operated by the ad-tech company.? (register)

Microsoft profit slumps a bit

Software King of the World Microsoft slightly missed Wall Street& (techeye)


Free software designed to safely dual boot Windows and Linux. 2019-08-12 (freewarefiles)

Printer pwnage, phone poppage, and apparently US Homeland Security needs security help

Plus: The spambot that actually DOES record screens of pr0n usersRoundup Here is your friendly summary of recent news from the front lines of information security beyond everything else we've already reported.? (register)

The one and only Chevy eCOPO Camaro electric drag-racer is for sale - Roadshow

After serving its life as a development vehicle, the eCOPO is off to find a new home. (feedproxy.google)

Google?s rivals opt out of search engine auction, calling it ?unethical? and ?anti-competitive?

Google rivals have called for intervention from EU regulators over Google's decision to open an auction process to become the default Android search engine. (feedproxy.google)

A short selfie video on your smartphone can now measure your blood pressure

An exciting new technology, called transdermal optical imaging, can turn your smartphone into an accurate diagnostic device that can measure your blood pressure by analyzing a short video taken of your face. The University of Toronto-led research h (feedproxy.google)

Newly-discovered group of dental stem cells could patch up cavities

The dentist's drill is a sound that sends shudders down the spines of many people, so it sure would be nice if teeth could just repair themselves. Thankfully that's not as far-fetched as it sounds ? researchers from the University of Plymouth have (feedproxy.google)

Hayabusa2 Nailed its Second Touchdown on Asteroid Ryugu

JAXA's sample collection spacecraft touched down just 60 centimeters away from its aimpoint. (planetary)

What do Windows 10 and Uber or Lyft have in common? One bad driver can really ruin your day. And 40 can totally ruin your month

Powerful code signed by Microsoft littered with vulnsDEF CON Too many trusted Windows 10 peripheral drivers, signed off by Microsoft and running with powerful kernel-level privileges, are riddled with exploitable security vulnerabilities, according to in (register)

Samsung rumored to have phone with graphene battery next year - CNET

Researchers believe the material could be used to charge a phone in seconds. (feedproxy.google)

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