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Three Geeks Rescue a 50-Year-Old IBM 360 Mainframe From an Abandoned Building

In late April of 2019 Slashdot reader Adam Bradley and engineer Chris Blackburn were 'sitting in a pub on a Monday night when Chris happened across a somewhat unusual eBay listing...' They eventually submitted the winning bid for an IBM 360 Model 20 main (rss.slashdot)

How To Convert PDF To Text On Linux (GUI And Command Line)

No description (linuxtoday)

I Oversaw Americas Nuclear Power Industry. Now I Think It Should Be Banned.

Friday the Washington Post published an essay by Gregory Jaczko, who served on America\s Nuclear Regulatory Commission from 2005 to 2009 and was its chairman from 2009 to 2012. He says he\d believed nuclear power was worth the reduction they produced in g (rss.slashdot)

Is The Global Internet Disintegrating?

'The global internet is disintegrating,' argues BBC Future, calling Russia 'one of a growing number of countries that has had enough of the Western-built, Western-controlled internet backbone...aided as much by advances in technology as by growing global (rss.slashdot)

Focus: Longer Movies at Four Trillion Frames per Second

Author(s): Mark BuchananA new technique produces long-lasting movies of nonluminous objects with just a few hundred femtoseconds between frames.[Physics 12, 55] Published Fri May 17, 2019 (link.aps)

Cyclists and long wait times at traffic lights discourage pedestrians

Walking is good for people and the environment. So how do cities encourage people to walk more? (sciencenordic)

Ariana Grande's PTSD Brain Scan

The brain became a celebrity this week when Ariana Grande shared the results of a scan of her brain seemingly showing signs of severe PTSD:Is there any science behind this?Not really.The source of the scan isn't clear but I'm 99% sure that the ima (blogs.discovermagazine)

Where did Drogon go in the Game of Thrones season 8 finale? The best theories and answers so far

The last surviving dragon's MIA status has GoT fans all asking the same thing: Where did Drogon go in the Game of Thrones season 8 finale? (gamesradar)

Game of Thrones: How to get your post-show gaming fix

If you're sad like me that the Game of Thrones show has come to an end on HBO, you can still get a fix of the show's universe in Game of Thrones: Conquest. (feedproxy.google)

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Images Beresheet Impact Site

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter has successfully imaged the impact site of the Beresheet lander, which made a really good run at performing the first privately funded Moon landing on 11 April, but crashed after the failure of its main engine. (planetary)

7-inch. HD panel PC offers PoE and easy wall mounting

Estone?s IP65 protected ?PPC-4107? panel PC is touted for its easy installation. It runs Linux or Android on an i.MX6 and offers GbE with PoE, WiFi/BT, and a 7-inch, capacitive HD touchscreen. Estone Technology has announced a PPC-4107 panel PC designed p (linuxgizmos)

Good Omens review: Devilish David Tennant is a hell of lot of fun - CNET

As Amazon adapts Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, Tennant and Michael Sheen are a match made in heaven. (feedproxy.google)

Rivian's 750-hp electric camping pickup drives, cooks and lives on pure battery power

The idea of overlanding in an electric vehicle, meandering miles and miles off the electrical grid for days on end, has so far been largely unfathomable, a bit terrifying, even. But we've seen that it's not impossible, and now electric truck startu (feedproxy.google)

Hundreds Are Alreadying Using Waymo's Driver-less Taxis In Arizona

The commercial rollout of Waymo's driver-less taxi service in Chandler, Arizona, a suburb of Phoenix with a population of 260,000 people, has more than a thousand customers already signed up -- including the mayor, reports Forbes:Each of the several hun (rss.slashdot)

Email Addresses and Passwords Leaked For 113,000 Users Of Account Hijacking Forum

'Ogusers.com -- a forum popular among people involved in hijacking online accounts and conducting SIM swapping attacks to seize control over victims' phone numbers -- has itself been hacked,' reports security researcher Brian Krebs, 'exposing the email ad (rss.slashdot)

Huawei?s Android nightmare just got much, much worse

Google will cut off Huawei?s access to key Android apps and updates, it?s reported, as the Chinese company takes another hit in the US government?s trade war. Although relatively absent from US shelves, Huawei has a huge smartphone business in Europe and (feeds.slashgear)

Exclusive: Windows for Workgroups terror the Tartan Bandit confesses all to The Register

It was the nerd, with the wallpaper, in the .ini fileWho, Me? With the copious behind of the weekend waddling off into the sunset, and only the leaner pickings of the working week to look forward, welcome to our weekly dose of Monday prevarication: Who, (register)

Independent Discussion Sections?

Scientific papers should have two Discussion sections - one written by the authors, and the other by an independent researcher.According to a new paper from Michael S. Avidan, John P. A. Ioannidis and George A. Mashour, this ''second discussant'' system c (blogs.discovermagazine)

Scientists create the loudest possible sound

A team of scientist led by Gabriel Blaj, a staff scientist at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University, have generated what may be the loudest possible underwater sound. Using SLAC's Linac Coherent Light Source (LCLS) x-ray (feedproxy.google)

Let adware be treated as malware, Canuck boffins declare after breaking open Wajam ad injector

If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck then...Analysis The technology industry has numerous terms for sneaky software, including malware, adware, spyware, ransomware, and the ever adorable PUPs ? potentially unwanted programs. But there isn't alw (register)

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