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Malwarebytes 3.0 aims to replace your antivirus

Malwarebytes has released Malwarebytes 3.0, a new package which combines its anti-malware, anti-exploit, anti-ransomware and web protection technologies. You won?t see most of these in the free version, unfortunately. That?s still strictly on-demand anti- (feeds.betanews)

Hospitals warn Trump: Price?s plan to repeal ACA will cost us $165 billion

Hospitals freak out about ACA?s future as GOP plans for a repeal then delay. (arstechnica)

IDC was so wrong about Windows Phone

I laughed so hard and so often at IDC\s smartphone forecast, my response took nine days to write?okay, to even start it. The future isn\t my chuckable?that data looks reasonably believable enough?but the past. Because 2016 was supposed to be the year that (feeds.betanews)

Bare metal and Virtual Machine Provisioning through Foreman Server

No description (linuxtoday)

After deriding Apple as too slow, China's LeEco hits cash crunch, halts stock trading

%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09Ambitious Chinese tech firm LeEco halted stock trading after plummeting share prices reportedly triggered margin calls for its cash-strapped billionaire founder Jia Yueting. LeEco had been hailed as an Apple threat, with tech journali (appleinsider)

More Examples of Microsoft and Its Patent Trolls Taxing Linux, Even After Microsoft 'Joined' (Paid) the Linux Foundation

No description (linuxtoday)

10 Awesome Stocking Stuffers for Geeks (2016 Edition!)

Christmas can be a great time to be a geek, especially over the last decade when geekdom has risen up to take over all aspects of pop culture. Whereas being a geek in the 90& (forevergeek)

Watch an Apple store being robbed in 12 seconds - CNET

Commentary: A video released by the San Francisco Police Department shows how quick a robbery can be. (feedproxy.google)

Data Theft At ThyssenKrupp Highlights Industrial Espionage Threat

German conglomerate confirms it was a victim of a cyberattack in which intellectual property belonging to some of its businesses was stolen. (darkreading)

Google never had to worry about financial discipline - until now

The architect of this reorganization - known as 'Alphabetization' at the ever-sunny Google - was Ruth Porat, the new chief financial officer. Porat, who was born in England but grew up in Palo Alto, led Morgan Stanley's technology banking division during (osnews)

How to get a C64 on WiFi and start BBSing again

Last year I created an account on Twitter to create a targeted feed for my hobby content and tweets for like-minded retro-gaming folk, separate from my personal account. On this hobby account I mainly follow retro-gaming and Commodore fans. When you use T (osnews)

Watchdog Group Claims Smart Toys Are Spying On Kids

The Center for Digital Democracy has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission warning of security and privacy holes associated with a pair of smart toys designed for children. Mashable reports: 'This complaint concerns toys that spy,' reads the (rss.slashdot)

VGA Monitor Becomes Drawing Toy

We hate to break it to [Rob Cai], but he& (hackaday)

Google found a way to go after 400 MEELLION new users this week

'Voice Assistant' Siri-and-Cortana competitor now speaks HindiGoogle this week added Hindi to the languages spoken by its Voice Assistant, the company's Siri-and-Cortana competitor.? (register)

Samsung may finally be disabling the Note 7 for good

Say goodnight, Gracie.Apparently, the Verge received an image from a Galaxy Note 7 user on US Cellular today about the fate of the now-deceased Note 7 line. In the photo, a message saying it was from US Cellular states: 'AS OF DEC. 15, SAMSUNG WILL MO (feedproxy.google)

AT&T took too much money from customers, will pay them back by ... taking less money

US telco settles cramming suit with $80m payout in bill creditsAT&T will pay out $88m to settle an FTC complaint that it allowed excessive 'cramming' charges on customer bills.? (register)

Dino tail found preserved in amber, has feathers - CNET

The small chunk of amber contains the first dinosaur remains found preserved in amber, and is the first clear association between dinosaurs and well-preserved feathers. (feedproxy.google)

With Windows 10 on ARM, Microsoft is coming for the Chromebook ? and might win

Microsoft is taking on Chromebooks with a new ARM-based version of Windows 10, and everyone wins.Microsoft is coming for your Chromebooks. No, they're not going to confiscate them like the TSA steals your water bottles, but more so in the competitive (feedproxy.google)

How To Get Banned From Using Uber

Uber has updated its community guidelines with a handy list of things that will get you banned from using the service. Just so you know, the rule about sex stuff applies to the drivers as well as the passengers. Physical contact with the driver or fel (hardocp)

US Life Expectancy Declines For the First Time Since 1993

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Washington Post: For the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined last year (Warning: may be paywalled; alternate source) -- a troubling development linked to a panoply of worseni (rss.slashdot)

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