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Added sugar intake and micronutrient dilution: Q&A with Dr Esther Gonz%E1lez-Padilla

The health risk associated with increased intake of added sugar has been widely studied in animals and humans. Recently Dr Esther González-Padilla and her colleagues have published a cross-sectional study in Nutrition and Metabolism. The study found the i (blogs.biomedcentral)

A Comet Visitor and a Pretty Metal Moon

The week?s space news, plus your guide to the night sky and ways you can contribute to Venus science. (planetary)

Hundreds of Stone Tools Discovered in New South Wales

GRIFFITH, AUSTRALIA?ABC News Australia reports that 271 stone tools known as bipolar flakes have been discovered at a construction site at Griffith Base Hospital. Some of the artifacts were likely moved to the site amid loads of gravel in recent times, ac (archaeology)

Windows 10: MS Rethinks Control Panel, ALT TAB

Microsoft has unveiled the latest batch of changes coming to Windows 10. Most are usability improvements, though fans of the Control Panel might be concerned. The changes come in the latest release in the Windows Insider Dev Channel. That's recommend onl (infopackets)

Dental Decay Detected in Mesolithic Remains in Poland

WARSAW, POLAND?Science in Poland reports that researchers led by Jacek Tomczyk of Cardinal Stefan Wyszy?ski University used a fluorescent camera and X-ray imaging methods to examine the teeth of a three-year-old child and two adults who died about 9,000 y (archaeology)

Chili Pepper Consumption and Mortality in Italian Adults

In the wake of the Ig Nobel Prize-winning studies about whether eating Italian pizza in Italy might lengthen life, comes a new study about Italians who eat chili peppers: & (feedproxy.google)

House Cat Remains Found at Medieval Village in Kazakhstan

HALLE, GERMANY?According to a statement released by Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg (MLU), researchers from MLU, Korkyt-Ata Kyzylorda State University, the University of T%FCbingen, and Russia?s Higher School of Economics analyzed a nearly comp (archaeology)

China Targets Chinese Overseas, Including Foreign Nationals, in Pressure Campaign: FBI's Wray

China has been targeting its own nationals living in other countries, especially those involved in rights activism or who are critical of the ruling Chinese Communist Party, with threats, often made by agents of the state in person on U.S. soil, the head (globalsecurity)

Evolving the Internet Through COVID-19 and Beyond

No description (circleid)

Feature: Physicists Must Engage with AI Ethics, Now

Author(s): Savannah ThaisPhysicists are increasingly utilizing AI and even driving its development, but we cannot divorce ourselves from the ethical implications and impacts of this technology.[Physics 13, 107] Published Thu Jul 09, 2020 (link.aps)

Skai revises targets for its liquid-hydrogen, long-range eVTOL

East Coast aviation company Alakai made big headlines last year when it became the first eVTOL air taxi company to put hydrogen on the table as a way to get around the battery bottleneck that's holding so many competitors down to short flight times with l (feedproxy.google)

Seafloat mooring system designed to protect the seafloor

When numerous boats crowd into one cove for the night, each one drops an anchor that could potentially damage coral or other seabed marine life. That's why the Seafloat system was created, as it lets several boats share one 'anchor.'Continue ReadingCatego (feedproxy.google)

Beware of 'Theories of Everything'

Nature is under no obligation to conform to our mathematical ideas—even the most brilliant ones-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Are masks necessary in operating rooms, in ordinary times?

Questions of masks and spittle, and separately?and startlingly?the question of whether masks are necessary in ordinary, non-pandemic times in hospital operating rooms. Four medical studies covering those topics get a good looking at in the & (feedproxy.google)

Peer Pressure: how our social networks can change our choices

No description (feedproxy.google)

Particles from Space may have Given Early Biomolecules an Evolutionary Nudge

No description (feedproxy.google)

Cerne Abbas Giant Not Likely Prehistoric

DORSET, ENGLAND?BBC News reports that land snail shells discovered in soil samples taken from the Cerne Abbas Giant, a figure carved into a chalk hillside in southwest England, suggest that the landmark is unlikely to be prehistoric, and probably dat (archaeology)

Amber fossils unlock true color of 99-million-year-old insects

Nature is full of colors, from the radiant shine of a peacock& (geologypage)

Q-Dir 8.55

Q-Dir is a free option to make managing your files and folders easy by allowing you to quickly regulate your hard disks, network folders, USB-drives, floppy disks, and other storage devices. There is no need for it to be installed and can be executed effi (m.majorgeeks)

Super white paint leans on Teflon to reflect up to 98% of the Sun's heat

Just like a tennis player might don a white shirt instead of a black one on warm summer's day, researchers see great potential in dressing buildings in reflective white paints to keep them cool. A team of material scientists is reporting a major advance i (feedproxy.google)

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