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Etcher Portable 1.5.61

Free software to easily burn operating system images to USB flash drives as well as SD cards. 2019-11-06 (freewarefiles)

What would a truly modern human look like?

A recurring theme in evolutionary psychology is that humans did not evolve to live in the modern world. Homo sapiens emerged in the harsh conditions of small hunter-gatherer societies of the Pleistocene era. Then, in just a few thousand years, we fou (blogs.discovermagazine)

Seventeenth-Century Hawking Ring Found in England

COLCHESTER, ENGLAND?A silver ring once used to tether a hunting raptor to its perch has been linked to the first Baronet of Sotterley, according to a BBC News report. Known as a vervel, the small ring, which measures less than one-half inch in diameter an (archaeology)

The New Playground of an Unexpected Bose-Einstein Condensate

No description (feedproxy.google)

SilverStone LD03 Mini-ITX Chassis Review

SilverStone's LD03 small form factor computer case for Mini-ITX motherboards goes under the spotlight. Let's take a close look at it.'... [PCSTATS] (pcstats)

Explained: What is Mesh WiFi? vs Extender, Router?

google_ad_client = 'ca-pub-0008535939683877'; google_ad_slot = '6958691424'; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280;Ask online about ways to improve the Internet connection around your home, and you'll often come across users r (infopackets)

The Downlink: Shields Up for James Webb, Breakthrough Eyes New SETI Targets

Planetary exploration news for busy people (planetary)

Microsoft Displays Its Amazon AWS Neutralizer

I read about Microsoft?s victory over the evil neighbor Amazon. What was Microsoft?s trump card, its AWS neutralizer, its technology innovation? The answer may have appeared in ?Microsoft Unveils Azure Arc, Aiming to Fend Off Google and Amazon with New Hy (arnoldit)

NSF's Rules of Life

NSF documentary about working toward a better life for everyone by solving the riddle of predicting phenotype (feedproxy.google)

Cloudflare beat a patent troll. What now?

In the summer of 2017, we wrote about a battle between Cloudflare, the San Francisco-based internet security and content delivery network, and two attorneys who?d previously litigated intellectual property cases on behalf of numerous tech giants. The atto (feedproxy.google)

Nvidia unveils Jetson Xavier NX for edge AI

Nvidia today unveiled the Jetson Xavier NX, a module the size of a credit card to handle edge AI computing for devices like robots and drones. (feedproxy.google)

Tech firms not worried about war with North Korea

Global electronics firms are not particularly concerned if Donald (Prince of Orange) Trump declares war on North Korea.There is some concern among the Tame Apple Press that Apple will not be able to source key parts from South Korea if a war starts.& (techeye)

This awesome Alienware m17 gaming laptop is $950-off today - why wait for Black Friday?

With a 1TB SSD, 2070 GPU, and a gorgeous 17' screen, this laptop deal is likely to beat any on Black Friday (gamesradar)

Unprecedented Find of Shell-Enclosed Settlement in Florida

Archaeologists using the latest drone and radar technology have identified a major%A0pre-Columbian%A0settlement in Florida. They have discovered what appears to have been a significant settlement on the island of Raleigh.Read moreSection: NewsHistory &a (feedproxy.google)

Wise Auto Shutdown 1.76.95

Automatically shutdown, restart, or log off your computer at a specified time. 2019-11-06 (freewarefiles)

Lipoprotein 'Little A' Can Cause More Than a Little Damage to the Heart

People with a family history of early heart disease need to be tested for this inherited cholesterol particle-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Microsoft Announces New Security Capabilities Across Platforms

In addition to new security tools for Azure, at the Ignite 2019 conference this week, Microsoft announced new capabilities aimed at improving the security of its users across platforms.read more (feedproxy.google)

Hole Assessment by Finger and Tongue [research study]

A markedly penetrating report, involving fingers, tongues, and holes: & (feedproxy.google)

Harvard's UrchinBot Is One of the Weirdest Looking Robots We've Ever Seen

The unique body and locomotion strategies of echinoderms inspired this robot that emulates a juvenile sea urchin (feedproxy.google)

Send by Firefox

Send lets you upload and encrypt large files (up to 1GB) to share online. When you upload a file, Send creates a link to pass along to whoever you want. Each link created by Send will expire after 1 download or 24 hours, and all sent files will be automat (shellcity)

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