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RIAA takes on stream-ripping in copyright lawsuit targeting YouTube-mp3

?The scale of Defendants? infringing activity is enormous,? lawsuit says. (arstechnica)

Tor Project Releases Tor (The Onion Router) with Important Bug Fixes

No description (linuxtoday)

The university hosting tonights debate is warning reporters not to bypass $200 Wi-Fi charges

Reporters covering tonight\s presidential debate from Hofstra University in Long Island were met with an unwelcome surprise: Just to get online with a basic Wi-Fi connection from the debate venue costs $200, as confirmed by Business Insider reporters ther (feedproxy.google)

Unlucky Luckey: Oculus developers invoke anti-douchebag clause, halt games for VR goggles

Founder's funding of Trump trolls sparks backlashA number of game developers have decided to end their support of the Oculus virtual reality headset over reports that its founder Palmer Luckey is actively funding 'Trump trolls.'? (register)

Evening news brief: Android's getting a reboot

Android chief teases historic day, while Roku debuts a new line of set-top boxes, and the Honor 8 gets its first big update.It rained a lot here this morning, and it occurred to me, during my second cup of coffee, that the Android news cycle is pretty (feedproxy.google)

Shop Made Squareness Comparator

[Stefan Gotteswinter] has a thing for precision. So it was no surprise when he confessed frustration that he was unable to check the squareness of the things he made in his shop to the degree his heart desired.He was looking enviously at the squareness c (hackaday)

A new Huawei Nexus tablet? Here's what the branding difference could mean

Whether or not there are any longterm plans for Nexus, the idea of a new Huawei-built tablet isn't completely crazy.It's been a pretty wild day for Google hardware and software rumors. Aside from Chromecast Ultra, 'Andromeda' OS and a possible next-ge (feedproxy.google)

Russian 'Fancy Bear' Hackers Hit Mac OS X With New Trojan

Aerospace victim hit by targeted attack that didn't even exploit a Mac vulnerability. (darkreading)

Mylan CEO misled lawmakers about EpiPen profits?they?re 66% higher

Bresch insists Mylan only makes $100 a pen by hiding behind unrealistic tax rate. (arstechnica)

Google may announce ?Andromeda? OS at October 4th event

Google could unveil the next evolution of Android on October 4th, but don't expect it to come to devices right away. (feedproxy.google)

Journalists must fork over $200 for Wi-Fi at presidential debate

In 2015, FCC declared similar ?willful? interference? as ?illegal.? (arstechnica)

Are these the new Pixel Phone and Chromecast coming next week? - CNET

Venture Beat publishes a pair of photos it says show two products the web giant is expected to (feedproxy.google)

Survival of the smartest: Superbugs defeated with evolutionary trick

With an old drug, researchers dupe drug-resistant bacteria into tossing resistance. (arstechnica)

Android Browser Security--What You Haven't Been Told

No description (linuxtoday)

All Private Internet Access settings explained

Private Internet Access is a popular VPN provider. The company has a strict no-logging policy which have been verified in court this year. Customers may download one of the available clients for their operating system. The Windows client ships with a list (ghacks)

Ars TV Guide: All the new shows you?ll want to check out this fall

Killer robots, dork rappers, time traveling terrorists, jerks in heaven, and more! (arstechnica)

Windows 10 will soon run Edge in a virtual machine to keep you safe

Application Guard extends Virtualization Based Security to protect against browser flaws. (arstechnica)

NASA?s big announcement was worth the wait: confirmed cryovolcanoes on Europa

These Enceladus-like plumes of water ice offer an enticing target for future searches for life, a whole planet closer to Earth. (feedproxy.google)

Watch The Presidential Debate live stream here now! (Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump)

After a very long wait, tonight is finally the night. Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton will debate each other live. Whether you have already decided on the candidate for whom you will vote, or you are still undecided, you should defini (feeds.betanews)

Researcher Modifies Sieve of Eratosthenes To Work With Less Physical Memory Space

grcumb writes: Peruvian mathematician Harald Helfgott made his mark on the history of mathematics by solving Goldbach's weak conjecture, which states that every odd number greater than 7 can be expressed as the sum of three prime numbers. Now, according t (rss.slashdot)

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