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How Einstein Lost His Bearings, and With Them, General Relativity

Kevin Hartnett, writing for Quanta magazine: Albert Einstein released his general theory of relativity at the end of 1915. He should have finished it two years earlier. When scholars look at his notebooks from the period, they see the completed equations, (rss.slashdot)

High-Energy Breakfast Could Help Shed Some Extra Weight: Research

High-energy breakfast and an average lunch can help reduce extra weight, as per a new research conducted by a research team at Tel Aviv University. The study team added that our metabolism changes throughout the day and a slice of bread during breakfast i (perfscience)

Sysadmin held a rack of servers off the ground for 15 mins, crashed ISP when he put them down

Help desk covered his tracks by telling ALL callers to reboot their PCsWho, me? Welcome to the ninth edition of Who, me? In case you?ve come late to the party, it?s The Register?s Monday column featuring readers? tales of stuffing things up.? (register)

Windows 10 to force you to use Edge, even if it isn?t default browser

Grab some popcorn: Redmond?s asked for feedback on the ideaMicrosoft?s about to test a new feature of Windows 10 that will force users to employ its Edge browser under some circumstances.? (register)

You're Paying Too Much for Your Smartphone, Says MediaTek

MediaTek is arguing that the gap is beginning to close between flagship smartphones and cheaper, mid-tier devices. The company's thoughts are largely promotional, as it is gearing up to launch a new chipset that targets the latter, but they may have a poi (hardocp)


GetDiz is a Notepad replacement that offers a wide range of features while maintaining incredible speed, ease of use, stability, and small size. The user interface is handy, small, specific, and configurable. Do you want to go through a bunch of text file (shellcity)

Once Written Off for Dead, the Aral Sea Is Now Full of Life

Years ago, the Aral Sea was the world's fourth-largest freshwater lake with an area of some 26,000 square miles. But in the 1950s, it became the victim of the Soviet Union's agricultural policies. Water from its two river sources -- the Amu Darya and Syr (rss.slashdot)

When China Hoards Its Hackers Everyone Loses

An anonymous reader shares a report: For over a decade Pwn2Own -- happening this week -- has brought together security talent from across the globe in a friendly hacking competition that is a cornerstone of research and advancement on par with Black Hat a (rss.slashdot)

Wine 3.4 released with even more Vulkan support

No description (linuxtoday)

Fed Up with GPU Prices? Crypto-Rig Builder Says Gamers Must Suck It Up and Mine

Gamers should offset the inflated cost of graphics cards by mining cryptocurrency in their spare time, advises Josh Riddett, founder and Managing Director of Easy Crypto Hunter. He suggests that the inflated costs of GPUs these days may be trivial, in tha (hardocp)

The Swiss army knife of smoke screens

NEW ORLEANS, March 18, 2018 -- Setting off smoke bombs is more than good fun on the Fourth of July. The military uses smoke grenades in dangerous situations to provide cover for people and tanks on the move. But the smoke arms race is on. Increasingly, se (sciencecodex)

Developers love trendy new languages but earn more with functional programming

No description (linuxtoday)

NASA's Amazing New Image of the Pulsar-Powered Crab Nebula --'Ejecting Jets of Matter and Anti-matter'

No description (feeds.feedblitz)

After crazy NCAA win, Nevada's brilliant tweet baffles Twitter - CNET

Commentary: You want to see March Madness, click on the 'translate tweet' button of this wonderful University of Nevada tweet. (feedproxy.google)

The Matrix 4K Blu-ray Announced

Warner Bros. has announced that The Matrix will be available on 4K Blu-ray starting May 22. This is expected to be the film's definitive release, as it incorporates a brand-new remaster, as well as a newly remixed Dolby Atmos track.In the near fut (hardocp)

How Open Source Approach is Impacting Science

No description (linuxtoday)

iOS 11 bugs are so common they now appear in Apple ads

If you blink during Apple%92s latest iPhone ad, you might miss a weird little animation bug. It%92s right at the end of a slickly produced commercial, where the text from an iMessage escapes the animated bubble it%92s supposed to stay inside. It%92s a min (osnews)

Here is how Google handles Right To Be Forgotten requests

Software engineer? Lawyer? Not a lawyer, even? Sure, have a goRTBF trial Google allows software engineers, as well as its dedicated Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF) operatives, to make decisions about which search results ought to be deleted on request ? and (register)

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 LTS Will Ship with a New Default Layout Called 'Familiar'

No description (linuxtoday)

Medieval barbarians likely imported brides with elongated heads

Full Text:An international research team has performed the first genomic analysis of populations that lived on the former territory of the Roman Empire from around 500 AD. The analysis provides a direct look at the complex population movements during the (feedproxy.google)

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