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I need your advice! Should I get basic cable or keep the cord cut?

In July, connected TV service went dark in the Wilcox household, as we pulled the plug on AT& (feeds.betanews)

The Problem With Positive Thinking

An anonymous reader writes: The NY Times explains research into how our mindset can influence results. The common refrain when striving for a goal is to stay positive and imagine success — people say this will help you accomplish what you want. But (rss.slashdot)

How to Get Open Source Android

No description (linuxtoday)

DUI suspect accuses cop of nabbing nude photos from her iPhone

A California woman claims a Highway Patrolman saw personal images on her iPhone and sent them to his own personal cell phone. Court records reportedly say the officer called the practice 'a game.' (feedproxy.google)

Tetris Is Hard To Test

New submitter JackDW writes: Tetris is one of the best-known computer games ever made. It's easy to play but hard to master, and it's based on a NP-hard problem. But that's not all that's difficult about it. Though it's simple enough to be implemented in (rss.slashdot)

Twitpic given eleventh-hour reprieve as Twitter saves all the pictures

Site will go read-only, but history will be preserved. (feeds.arstechnica)

Free Android App (25 October): Box It! 2

Box It! 2 Play a mind-bending puzzle game Enjoy 100 levels of addictive fun Challenge yourself to find the gold of Ollantaytambo Seek out Urcaguary, the great God of metals, jewels and items of great value, to help you on your quest through the ruins List (the-digital-reader)

The 'Microsoft tax' on new PCs has come to an end in Italy

Consumers in Italy who purchase computers with the Microsoft Windows OS pre-installed are now entitled to refunds on their Windows licence if they don't want the OS, as per the Italian Supreme Court. Read more... (neowin)

AT&T ruins Apple SIM by locking it to their carrier

If you use Apple SIM and select AT&T as your carrier, you can no longer change the carrier to something else, effectively ruining the Apple SIM. It is a broad yet unsurprising move from AT&T. Read more... (neowin)

CHP officers reportedly stole cell phone photos from women in custody

One CHP officer allegedly asked for a woman's iPhone password during her arrest. (feeds.arstechnica)

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool ((10-25-2014))

Virus scanner and detection software from Kaspersky. 2014-10-25 (freewarefiles)

IRL: Keeping a journal with Day One

Trying to keep a journal has always been difficult for me. Before the age of smartphones, I tried to rely on text files or a physical notepad. If I wasn't forgetting to write down my thoughts, I was losing the file or my handwriting was so bad it... (engadget)

Roku wants to grow its media hub empire with a public stock filing

Roku frequently comes across as the little media player company that could: its streaming box business is growing in spite of much larger competition. As healthy as it is, though, this upstart now appears eager to join the big leagues. Tipsters for... (engadget)

Reg hacks see the woods or the trees In the Forest of the Night

Is this Doctor Who episode an enjoyable romp or a namby-pamby feelings fest?TV Review El Reg's resident Doctor Who fans ? Brid-Aine Parnell, Gavin Clarke and Jennifer Baker ? have come together to discuss the plot of tonight's episode, In the Forest of t (register)

Identity As the Great Enabler

New submitter steve_torquay writes: Last week, President Obama signed a new Executive Order calling for 'all agencies making personal data accessible to citizens through digital applications' to 'require the use of multiple factors of authentication and a (rss.slashdot)

Krossblade's SkyCruiser can't decide if it's an airplane, quadcopter, or car

Can?t decide if you want an airplane, a helicopter, or a flying car? Then why not all three at once? Arizona-based start-up Krossblade seems to think the same way with its SkyCruiser concept ? an electric hybrid aircraft that not only switches between bei (feedproxy.google)

Elon Musk's space truck PLUMMETS towards Earth ? returns with critical science samples

Dragon cargo 'craft released from ISSVid A commercial spacecraft that delivered cargo to the International Space Station is returning to Earth five weeks after its mission began.? (register)

Want to Be on Game of Thrones? So Do 86,000 Other People

Seems like half of Spain shows up to be on the show Trending game of thrones (feedproxy.google)

Nexus 9, riding a real-life hoverboard and other stories you might've missed

That's right, folks. Our own Sean Buckley took Hendo's real-life Hoverboard for a spin, and yes, it was pretty awesome. But if that's not enough for you, we also reviewed Apple's new tablets and went hands-on with the Nexus 9 -- click on through for... (engadget)

[Mehdi's] Shocking Stun Gun Tutorial

[Mehdi Sadaghdar] never lets little things like fire, shockes, or singed fingers get in the way of his projects.%A0 His latest is a tutorial on making a simple electroshock device. A stun weapon creates%A0a very high voltage, and is used in law enforcement t (feedproxy.google)

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