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Be Wary of a Model That Shows a Decline in COVID-19 Deaths - Facts So Romantic

 We have no idea what will happen if, for example, New York runs out of ventilators or if people are sent away from hospitals too soon and infect many others.Illustration by eamesBot / ShutterstockOn April 15, 2020, 2,271 people in the United States (nautil.us)

5,000-Year-Old Cultic Area Unearthed in Iraq

LONDON, ENGLAND?Live Science reports that a team of researchers led by Sebastien Rey of the British Museum and Tina Greenfield of the University of Saskatchewan found sheep, cow, deer, gazelle, fish, goat, pig, and bird bones, as well as more than 300 bro (archaeology)

Mentos Cola at Various Altitudes

The mentos/cola experiment has reached new heights. Details are in the study: & (feedproxy.google)


Science advances two nostrils at a time. Or moves in some other direction. The Guardian reports, on March 30, 2020: An Australian astrophysicist has been admitted to hospital after getting four magnets stuck up his nose in an attempt to invent a device th (feedproxy.google)

Why do we live in a three-dimensional world?

No description (feedproxy.google)

Fingers-Only Glove [new patent]

Fingerless gloves, in one form or another, have been around for a very long time. But the reverse, a glove that has only fingers has only recently been invented. US-based inventor Adam Walker has come up with a device that sidesteps the time-consuming and (feedproxy.google)

Searching for The Gold of the Lost Dutchman Mine in Superstition Mountain

The Lost Dutchman Mine is said to be a rich goldmine located somewhere in the southwestern American state of Arizona. Generally speaking, this mine is claimed to be situated in the Superstition Mountains, described by one source as ?a collection of rough (feedproxy.google)

NSF's Rules of Life

NSF documentary about working toward a better life for everyone by solving the riddle of predicting phenotype (feedproxy.google)

April Fools Day 2020 round-up: Overwatch, Ducktales, and more

Googly eyes are the perfect addition to any game (gamesradar)

Master Chief's voice actor is taking requests on Cameo and giving the proceeds to coronavirus relief

Thanks, Chief (gamesradar)

Skype for Windows

Chat with your friends and colleagues using text or video (downloadcrew)

Video Chat From Outer Space With These Custom Wallpapers

Since some services like Zoom allow you to create virtual backgrounds, I thought I might offer you the opportunity to take your home office to Mars, or the Moon, or other fun places in space. (planetary)

Zoom Stops Facebook SDK Use after Data Sharing Exposed

Zoom has updated its iOS app to stop sending specific data to Facebook. Zoom's announcement came after Motherboard reported that data such as timezone, city, device details, and time of app open were sent to Facebook without users' knowledge. (feedproxy.google)

British tradition: Bad music as strategic weapon

Musicians in Britain have begun playing bad music from their balconies, to drive the populace indoors and so protect them against the COVID-19 pandemic: (Thanks to Katharine Sanderson for bringing this to our attention.) British musicians perfected this s (feedproxy.google)

Synopsis: Solving a Magnetic Puzzle

Spectroscopic measurements explain why a van der Waals ferromagnet displays different magnetic behavior in its layered and bulk forms.[Physics 13, s42] Published Tue Mar 31, 2020 (link.aps)

80,000 Years Ago Neanderthals Supercharged Their Brains On Acid

Scientists have determined Neanderthals had a fish and seafood diet as early as 80,000 years ago and benefited from the raised cognitive powers that up to now have only been attributed to%A0Homo sapiens.%A0Read moreSection: NewsHistory & Archaeology (feedproxy.google)

Space-saving, structural-grade Blade Battery to help improve EV safety

Auto manufacturers are moving ever closer to building electric vehicles robust enough to quell the public's range anxiety once and for all, but they're mostly doing so by equipping those vehicles with large, energy-dense lithium-ion battery packs. China's (feedproxy.google)

The Possible Worlds of Ann Druyan

The executive producer, writer, and director of Cosmos and author of the companion book discusses the show?s third season, and why she believes science is the key to a better future (planetary)

We may have the first leak of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20

No description (feedproxy.google)

Zack Snyder gives detailed new commentary on Batman v Superman ? and explains that Martha moment

The director goes deep into the reasoning for that infamous Batman v Superman moment (gamesradar)

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