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Desktop-as-a-Service: Work from anywhere, on any device

SPONSORED: Presented by Nutanix A new level of confusion hit the tech world when cloud computing became practical in the enterprise and the term ?XaaS? was coined. XaaS, or anything-as-a-service, was used to describe the seemingly endless list of digital (feedproxy.google)

The Long Goodbye of Wi-Fi Has Begun

Local 5G networks could replace the familiar wireless standard (feedproxy.google)

Distribution Release: GParted Live 1.1.0-1

Curtis Gedak has announced the release of GParted Live 1.1.0-1, the latest stable version of the project\s Debian-based CD/USB image with a collection of disk management and data rescue utilities: \The GParted team is pleased to announce a new stable rel (distrowatch)

Calling an Illness 'Psychosomatic' Doesn't Mean It's Imaginary

Recent experiments have begun mapping the neuronal connections between mind and body like never before-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

The first X-Men MCU reference may have been spotted in leaked Falcon and Winter Soldier set photos

Falcon and the Winter Soldier could include an obscure X-Men location (gamesradar)

AllDup 4.4.14

Free up valuable hard drive space with this fast and flexible duplicate file locator (downloadcrew)

What Happens to Google Maps When Tectonic Plates Move? - Issue 81: Maps

As a writer on physics, I?m always seeking new metaphors for understanding Einstein?s general theory of relativity, and while working on my last book, Spooky Action at a Distance, I thought I?d compare the warping of space and time to the motion of Earth? (nautil.us)

Origami-inspired ballistic shield now available to police forces

Although the bulletproof shields used by police officers are definitely life-savers, the things are also quite heavy and bulky. The origami-inspired Swift Shield offers an alternative, as it folds down into a lightweight package when not in use. (feedproxy.google)

Put Another Dime in the Jukebox: How Rock and Roll Illustrates Quantum States

No description (feedproxy.google)

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes Now Generally Available

Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) is now generally available. ECK offers a seamless method to deploy, manage, and operate the Elastic Stack on Kubernetes. The goal of ECK, which remains the same now as it was during its alpha and beta releases, is to 'orc (feedproxy.google)

An Existential Crisis in Neuroscience - Issue 81: Maps

On a chilly evening last fall, I stared into nothingness out of the floor-to-ceiling windows in my office on the outskirts of Harvard?s campus. As a purplish-red sun set, I sat brooding over my dataset on rat brains. I thought of the cold windowless rooms (nautil.us)

A Vision of Ephemeral Ice

Artist Shoshannah White views the endangered Arctic ice through a unique lens-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)


Cleanmgr is a portable freeware app that builds upon the Microsoft Disk Clean-up Tool (Cleanmgr.exe) by adding additional features and deleting more junk than the Disk Clean-up Tool. Cleanmrg does an excellent job of recreating the classic Disk Clean-up (feedproxy.google)

The mystery of how some animals lock themselves into place

Benno Meyer-Rochow, who won an Ig Nobel Prize in 2005 for calculating the pressures produced when penguins poo [see diagram, below] is now investigating a different kind of biological mystery. Meyer-Rochow wrote an essay that begins: You can lock arms wit (feedproxy.google)

Early Humans May Have Triggered Carnivore Extinctions

GOTHENBURG, SWEDEN?S%F8ren Faurby of the University of Gothenburg and his colleagues suggest that hominins started triggering the extinctions of other creatures about four million years ago, according to a BBC News report. Faurby and his team compared the r (archaeology)

Nintendo Valentine cards are a delightful way to share the love

Win the heart of any Nintendo fan with these Valentine's cards (gamesradar)

Could Kennedy Space Center launch pads be at risk as climate changes? Experts say yes

By Ayurella Horn-Muller, Climate Central and Rachael Joy, FLORIDA TODAYCreated to propel humankind beyond the limits of Earth, Kennedy Space Center is now facing a terrestrial threat & (feedproxy.google)

Cape Canaveral launch sites threatened by rising seas

Click for Larger View of AnimationClimate Central examined flood risks facing NASA& (feedproxy.google)

Lithospheric thickening beneath the Betics and Rif mountains pulls down the topography by 1500 m

A new study made by researchers at the Institute of Earth Sciences Jaume Almera of the Spanish National Research Council (ICTJA-CSIC) has been able to describe the effects of the lithospheric structure on the topography of the Strait of Gibraltar area. Th (geologypage)

Is this an Observer 2 tease? Sure looks like it

Bloober Team's Tweet certainly seems like it's referencing an Observer sequel (gamesradar)

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