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Dell's New Alienware Case Goes to Extremes To Prevent Overheating

MojoKid writes Dell's enthusiast Alienware brand has always stood out for its unique, other-worldly looks (sometimes good, sometimes, not so good) and there's such a thing as taking things to the next level, this might be it. However, there's more to this (rss.slashdot)

Purely Mechanical Display Uses 804 Balls To Create a Kinetic Display

Whoa. That& (feedproxy.google)

Awesomeness: Millions Of Public Domain Images Being Put Online

Here\s some nice news. Kalev Leetaru has been liberating a ton of public domain images from books and putting them all on Flickr. He\s been going through Internet Archive scans of old, public domain books, isolating the images, and turning them into indiv (feedproxy.google)

Bridge the gap between your phone and computer with these apps

Sync your smartphone and computer without cables using these apps. (feedproxy.google)

15 simple, secret Windows tips and tricks to save you time

From old-school task switchers to Jump List and taskbar tricks, here are some ways to make the most of working with Windows Dek:%A0 From old-school task switchers to Jump List and taskbar tricks, here are som (infoworld)

FISA Court Twists PATRIOT Act To Pretend It's Okay To Spy On Americans Based On Their Constitutionally Protected Speech

We've written before about how it appears that the DOJ/FBI and NSA have conducted surveillance on Americans almost entirely based on First Amendment-protected activities. Whenever that issue comes up, the Intelligence Community and its defenders insist no (feedproxy.google)

Danish museum discovers unique gift from Charles Darwin

The Natural History Museum of Denmark recently discovered a unique gift from one of the greatest-ever scientists. In 1854, Charles Darwin ? father of the theory of evolution ? sent a gift to his Danish colleague Japetus Steenstrup, director of the Royal M (feeds.sciencedaily)

Mozilla loses more user info, this time data of 97,000 customers goes out through Bugzilla

It's been a bad month for Mozilla, as the company seems to be shedding user data left and right. The problems are apparently not over as new information has come to light regarding the loss of another 97,000 emails and passwords that were left exposed. Th (feeds.betanews)

Google Chrome 38 Gets the 'Picture'

No description (linuxtoday)

So what is it like to drive with Nissan's Smart rearview mirror?

Despite all the changes going on in automobiles lately, one thing that's remained pretty consistent in every car I've driven has been the rearview mirror. We can check that one off now though, now that I've taken a test drive in a Nissan Rogue... (engadget)

Use of 'language of deceit' betrays scientific fraud

Distinguishing scientific papers known to be fraudulent from those that contain genuine results can be done simply by comparing the writing styles (feeds.newscientist)

How To Create A Risk 'Pain Chart'

Consultant John Pironti outlines how to execute a risk-based approach to defending corporate assets. (darkreading)

The Online Careers You Never Knew Existed

Wait a minute, people don't really have jobs on the internet, do they& (hardocp)

The Open Source Game Corner

No description (linuxtoday)

Scientists Found the Origin of the Ebola Outbreak

Taco Cowboy sends this report from Vox: One of the big mysteries in the Ebola outbreak in West Africa is where the virus came from in the first place — and whether it's changed in any significant ways. ... In a new paper in Science (abstract), resea (rss.slashdot)

Photographic proof that bigger isn?t always better when it comes to iPads

Every nerd loves a good Apple rumor, and late night show host Jimmy Kimmel is no exception. Jimmy has a history of pranking street walkers with fake Apple products with some hilarious results, but in his latest sketch tackling rumors& (feedproxy.google)

NASA to reformat Opportunity rover's memory from 125 million miles away

Interplanetary admins will back up data and get to workIT administrators at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory are preparing to perform an interplanetary remote wipe and reboot on its Martian Opportunity rover after the decade-old explorer began to get a b (register)

Offline attack shows Wi-Fi routers still vulnerable

An attack can break into some common Wi-Fi routers, via a configuration feature. (feeds.arstechnica)

Kaspersky Publishes (Then Deletes) Article Claiming 'If You're Doing Nothing Wrong, You Have Nothing To Hide'

Kaspersky Lab, the internet security/anti-virus company published a somewhat bizarre article a little while ago, entitled 'Why we should not be afraid of being watched while online.' The text is no longer there, because it's been replaced by: The content (feedproxy.google)

Grey hull of the iPhone 6 shows off striking new antenna design

When you start to see assembled iPhone 6 devices basically powered on, you know it& (feedproxy.google)

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