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Five Illinois Cops Are Caught Lying On The Stand When Defense Produces A Recording Contradicting Their Testimony

Cops lie. Citizens know this. Defense attorneys know this. Prosecutors know this. Most importantly, judges know this. But rarely does it have any effect on the outcome of the case at hand. But in what has been described as a 'Perry Mason moment,' five Il (feedproxy.google)

You want to replace Windows XP with Linux? Seriously?

Years back, I was very interested in Linux as a desktop OS. Red Hat was my first choice, but I moved on to Caldera, then Ubuntu. (podcasts.infoworld)

Supreme Court Discussion In Aereo: At Least The Justices Recognize The Harm They Might Do

The oral arguments in the Aereo case happened this morning before the Supreme Court and you can read the transcript here (it\s still a travesty that there is no live broadcasting (or any video recording at all) of the proceedings, but that\s a different a (feedproxy.google)

9 Password Managers To Make Use Of [We Ask You Results]

Creating and remembering passwords for every website you interact with is a real pain in the ass. Unfortunately, it& (makeuseof)

Tooled-up Ryobi girl takes nine-inch grinder to Asus beach babe

Hands-on blonde shows how to sell hot kitPic We're obliged to veteran Reg reader Chris Winpenny for nominating what he believes to be a worthy successor to Asus' famous blonde beach babe ? last seen enjoying an Eee Pad Transformer Prime before the sun se (register)

How was Multi-Tasking Possible in Older Versions of Windows?

Considering that DOS was a single-tasking OS and the ties it had with the early versions of Windows, just how did earlier versions of Windows manage to accomplish multi-tasking? Today& (howtogeek)

3 Dangers Of Logging On To Public Wi-Fi

You& (makeuseof)

Extreme longevity goes mainstream

No description (kurzweilai)

WRT54G Successor Falls Flat On Promises

New submitter JImbob0i0 writes: 'Back in January, Linksys/Belkin made a big deal about their new router, the WRT1900AC, which they claimed was a successor to the venerable WRT54G, and how they were working with OpenWRT. They released it this week, but the (rss.slashdot)

Atari landfill in New Mexico to be dug up on Saturday; Ars will be on scene

One reporter stares into the hellmouth of the 1983 video game crash. (feeds.arstechnica)

Awkward Moment Seal Wants to Help You Express Your Profound Shame

Meet Awkward Moment Seal& (feeds.wired)

Meet the One, OnePlus' $299 Nexus killer

Rarely do we see a tech startup spending five months actively hyping up an unborn product; and when we do, most of them end up being vaporware. Luckily, that's not the case with OnePlus. Today, the Shenzhen-based company has finally unveiled its... (engadget)

HummingBoard, The Vastly More Powerful Raspi

& (feedproxy.google)

Professor Suspended For Posting Pic Of Daughter Wearing Game Of Thrones Shirt

Apparently posting a picture of your daughter online wearing a Game of Thrones t-shirt will get you suspended without pay if you are a professor at Bergen Community College in New Jersey. The professor said he asked why the photo had set off such a re (hardocp)

Why a Netflix-Killer Will Be AT&T?s Smartest Move Yet

AT& (feeds.wired)

Physicists consider implications of recent revelations about the universe's first light

Recent evidence that the universe expanded from microscopic to cosmic size in a mere instant brings with it important implications. During a live Google Hangout, leading astrophysicists from the University of Chicago and Stanford University discussed what (feeds.sciencedaily)

Amazon Revenue Down After Imposing Sales Tax

It looks like Amazon's bottom line is taking a hit after the company started collecting sales tax in some states. Amazon's sales are taking a hit in states that have recently started making the company pay taxes. New research out of Ohio State Univer (hardocp)

Intellectual Ventures Big Case Shut Down By Judge Over Completely Bogus Patents

Late last fall, we highlighted some very questionable practices by Intellectual Ventures in suing a bunch of big banks for patent infringement. Our focus was on a particular patent, 6,182,894, which was initially assigned to American Express, and which cl (feedproxy.google)

The US Public's Erratic Acceptance of Science

An anonymous reader writes 'The U.S. general population is often the butt of jokes with regard to their understanding of science. A survey by the Associated Press now shows just how arbitrary and erratic the public's dissent can be. 'The good news is that (rss.slashdot)

?Crackpipe? tweet from parody Twitter account set off police raid

Prankster implied Peoria mayor 'utilizes illegal drugs, associates with prostitutes.' (feeds.arstechnica)

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