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7 beautiful workplaces that put yours to shame

No description (feedproxy.google)

Windows downloads for all operating systems

Most Windows PCs ship without installation disc or any other form of physical product that you can use to re-install the system. While you do get options to create recovery discs, it is not the same thing. The same is true when you purchase upgrades onlin (ghacks)

Film Academy Sues Family Of Oscar Winner For Selling Trophy On Ebay

The Motion Picture Academy is notorious for being quite litigious, particularly when it comes to anything to do with the Oscars. Hell, even websites essentially promoting the Oscars get sued by the Academy, because why the hell not? And don\t you dare tr (feedproxy.google)

Snapchat CEO 'devastated' by email leak in Sony hack

Recent acquisitions by the ephemeral message service revealed in Evan Spiegel emails with Sony Pictures' CEO. (feedproxy.google)

Researchers Make BitTorrent Anonymous and Impossible to Shut Down

While the BitTorrent ecosystem is filled with uncertainty and doubt, researchers at Delft University of Technology have released the first version of their anonymous and decentralized BitTorrent network. 'Tribler makes BitTorrent anonymous and impossible (feed.torrentfreak)

Microsoft Employee Pens The Worst/Best Corporate Blog Post Of All Time

%A0Recently a Microsoft employee published a blog post on the company& (feedproxy.google)

5 Realistic Looking USB Airplane Flash Drives

Promotional items have been around for years. Coffee mugs, pens, etc are still the default item for marketing manager without an imagination. Back in 2000 the flash drive was the new kid on the block for swag. Flash forward five years and the USB stick wa (getusb.info)

Humvees Sell for up to $42K in First Public Auction of Military Truck

It was a military bake sale of sorts. For the first time in history, the U.S. military auctioned off some of its surplus Humvees to the public. And truck-lovers responded in kind, paying as much as $41,000 for the iconic military vehicle that entered serv (feedproxy.google)

Google adds security and proper Drive attachments to GMail

Now it'll block extensions before they cause problems (feeds.theinquirer)

PC Hound

PC Hound helps you build a new computer system by helping you select parts, find sellers checks hardware comparability, rebates and even taxes. (shellcity)

Repairing A Router Plagued By Capacitors

[psgarcha]& (hackaday)

Priest jams cell phones in church

Fed up with his services being disrupted by technology, an Italian priest installs a jamming device. Not everyone is pleased. (feedproxy.google)

Give The Gift of Free TV To Your Parents This Christmas

Remember TV antennas? Well, they still exist! Get a digital TV antenna and you& (howtogeek)

State-sponsored or not, Sony Pictures malware ?bomb? used slapdash code

Malware was just good enough to do the job, perhaps what North Korea intended. (feeds.arstechnica)

Tennessee Town Passes Policy Banning Negative Comments About The Town's Government

The commissioners of a small Tennessee town have just voted to ban negative comments about it from social media. This stupid move was prompted by 'criticism and lies' being posted online, which supposedly 'hampered' the town's government from performing (feedproxy.google)

Making the Internet a utility?what?s the worst that could happen?

A cable lobby lawyer reveals the industry?s darkest fears. (feeds.arstechnica)

AnandTech Sold ? Purch Now Owns Tom?s Hardware and AnandTech

After a fabulous 17-year run by Anand Shimpi it brings mixed feelings to announce that AnandTech has been sold to Purch for an undisclosed sum. AnandTech is obviously a competitor to Legit Reviews, but the hardware industry is small and we& (legitreviews)

US government fingers North Korea as the Sony hackers

Officials unsure whether the White House will respond. (feeds.arstechnica)


Free android management software and download portal. 2014-12-17 (freewarefiles)

'Grinch' Bug May Affect Most Linux Systems

But newly discovered vulnerability not as urgent as previous open-source bug disclosures. (darkreading)

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