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White supremacists take DNA tests, find they're not so white - CNET

Commentary: Services such as 23andMe and Ancestry.com offer much simpler ways to learn about your past. A new study suggests the truth of their past makes some deny the science. (feedproxy.google)

Shocking rice pudding technique (report)

No description (feedproxy.google)

You Can Still Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free!

No, Windows 10 is not worse than XP. No, it& (makeuseof)

HyperCard now available on the The Archive

On August 11, 1987, Bill Atkinson announced a new product from Apple for the Macintosh; a multimedia, easily programmed system called HyperCard. HyperCard brought into one sharp package the ability for a Macintosh to do interactive documents with calculat (osnews)

WATCH: Soldiers Test-Fire New 30mm Cannon, Javelin Missile on Stryker

The U.S. Army this week invited reporters to Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland to see soldiers test-fire new weaponry on the Stryker combat vehicle, including... (feedproxy.google)

Recently Discovered Protein Controls Appetite and Body Fat Composition

NPGL, a recently discovered protein, influences fat storage in the human body, even when on a calorie restricted diet. Researchers believe this mechanism had evolutionary benefits and the protein could be a potential target to treat obesity. (feedproxy.google)

There's still time to get eclipse glasses ? but you'd better act fast

%09 Yes, you can still get eclipse glasses. But you?d better hurry. The Great American Eclipse will take place on Monday, with the moon beginning to block the sun right after 9 a.m. Pacific time. No matter where you?re watching it happen ? even if you?re (latimes)

Linux-loving lecturer 'lost' email, was actually confused by Outlook

And had suits savage an utterly innocent sysadmin for his own ignorance Friday mON-CALL Friday means a few things at El Reg: a new BOFH. A couple of beers. And another instalment of On-Call, our weekly column in which we take reader-contributed tales of (register)

US cops point at cell towers and say: Give us every phone number that's touched that mast

Verizon says basestation dumps increasingly popularUS telecoms giant Verizon says police are increasingly asking it to cough up massive dumps of cellphone data rather than individual records.? (register)

6 Tips to Help Speed Up Your Favorite Streaming Service

There seems to be no end to the human hunger for media. It& (makeuseof)

RancherOS: A tiny Linux for Docker lovers

No description (linuxtoday)

Here's a total solar eclipse on Earth as seen from the moon - CNET

The US is about to be treated to a rare coast-to-coast eclipse, but at least one robot will also be watching from a distance. (feedproxy.google)

Ubuntu Budgie Distro: Simple, Clean and User-Friendly

No description (linuxtoday)

America Has a Serious Constipation Epidemic

Haider Warraich, StatEven though Larry (not his real name) had widespread cancer, no one was prepared for his sudden death.I certainly didn't see it coming so abruptly. It shocked the nurses who had spent day and night in his room, trying to do everythin (realclearscience)

Astrophysicists Predict Earth-Like Alien World in Star System Only 16 Light Years Away

No description (feeds.feedblitz)

How plump organic tomatoes were created using ancient genetic engineering

If you like big, juicy tomatoes you can thank a mutation in the Cell Size Regulator (CSR) gene that occurred during the tomato domestication process thousands of years ago.it's no secret that ancient people genetically engineered vegetables to be larger (sciencecodex)

A celestial celebration of Earth?s place in the Cosmos, mapped onto Earth

It& (blogs.agu)

Africa-Canada scheme funds nanotech to purify water

Partnership between Canada, Kenya and South Africa targets cheaper clean-up of water and soil using nanotechnology. (scidev)

Marine Corps Teams with Scientists to Save a Few Good Species

Defense TV gives us a closer look at a Marine program designed to protect soft-shelled tortoises from predators near Twentynine Palms. (science.dodlive.mil)

Baby dolphin killed as hundreds of selfish tourists take pictures with it

Please stop taking photos with wild animals! (zmescience)

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