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Android Stagefright Flaw Puts Hundreds of Millions of Users at Risk

No description (linuxtoday)

NASA shows off the International Space Station in glorious 4K

NASA\s International Space Station team recently got a big camera upgrade in the form of RED\s Epic Dragon, and it\s more than a little eager to show off what this high-resolution gear can do. The agency has started posting 4K videos (sorry, no 6K ye... (engadget)

Filmmakers fighting ?Happy Birthday? copyright find their ?smoking gun?

A 1927 kids\ songbook proves \conclusively the song is in the public domain.\ (feeds.arstechnica)

German Scientists Confirm NASA's Controversial EM Drive

MarkWhittington writes: Hacked Magazine reported that a group of German scientists believe that they have confirmed that the EM Drive, the propulsion device that uses microwaves rather than rocket fuel, provides thrust. The experimental results are being (rss.slashdot)

Gaping hole in Android lets hackers break in with just your phone number!

A researcher has found a serious Android vulnerability that requires no interaction at all by the user to hijack their device. In fact, the vulnerability could allow a hacker to infect your mobile phone, while you?re fast asleep.Read more in my article o (blog.lumension)

We took gaming?s version of the Myers-Briggs test?and you can, too

Five-minute test ranks gaming tastes on six separate axes; Ars staff runs the gamut. (feeds.arstechnica)

Andromeda Galaxy's Secrets Revealed By Going Beyond Visible Light

StartsWithABang writes: The Andromeda galaxy is our closest large neighbor, dominating our local group with more than double the number of stars found in the Milky Way. While visible light can reveal a tremendous amount of information, it's by going to sh (rss.slashdot)

Intel to adopt Skylake CPUs in NUC and Compute Stick solutions

Intel is planning to upgrade its Compute Stick and NUC solutions to feature Skylake processors starting October and Elitegroup Computer Systems (ECS), Gigabyte Computer, Asustek Computer and ASRock are expected to launch related products. Intel is also ex (digitimes)

?Stagefright: Just how scary is it for Android users?

If your smartphone or tablet vendor doesn't fix the Stagefright security hole, this text-message based malware can be really scary. But you can protect yourself from it with a few simple steps. (zdnet.com.feedsportal)

950 Million Android Phones Can Be Hijacked By Malicious Text Messages

techtech writes: According to security firm Zimperium a flaw called 'Stagefright' in Google's Android operating system can allow hackers take over a phone with a message even if the user doesn't open it. The vulnerability affects about 950 million Android (rss.slashdot)

New Horizons data shows Pluto?s atmosphere, surface features

We now suspect Pluto's atmosphere is collapsing and Cthulhu Regio has glaciers. (feeds.arstechnica)

Windows 10 Quick Guide surfaces

The leaked documents will serve as your one stop guide to Windows 10 and all its brings: from Cortana to the Edge browser, its the go-to document for Windows 10 beginners. Read more... (neowin)

Samsung teases an August 13th event with a big, curvy Galaxy

That rumor of Samsung holding a phone event in August to beat Apple to the punch? At least some of it is true. The Korean tech giant has announced a second Galaxy Unpacked event that will take place in New York City on August 13th. It's not saying mu... (engadget)

OnePlus 2 is a $329 metallic upgrade with a beefed-up camera

Almost exactly 15 months ago, the OnePlus One made its debut as a $299 flagship smartphone to wow the geeks; and it's even been lowered to $249 as of last month. That, of course, is to make way for the company's next act, the OnePlus 2 (we were asked... (engadget)

Study: Certain Vaccines Could Make Diseases More Deadly

sciencehabit writes: New research suggests that vaccines that don't make their hosts totally immune to a disease and incapable of spreading it to others might have a serious downside. According to a controversial study by Professor Andrew Read these so-ca (rss.slashdot)

AI and robotics researchers call for global ban on autonomous weapons

No description (kurzweilai)

KLM flight sways crazily in windy landing

It's not exactly easy to land a Boeing 777 in 60 mph winds. Or, at least, it doesn't look as if it is. (feedproxy.google)

VeriFyle reveals Cellucrypt, a new multi-layer encryption key management technology

VeriFyle, the company headed by Hotmail inventor and co-founder Jack Smith, has a new encryption key management technology which it believes will 're-invent how the world thinks about secure sharing and messaging'. The major difference is that any object (feeds.betanews)

Microsoft's latest reason to upgrade to Windows 10 is Continuum

Windows 10 is now so close you can smell it. With so many having been more than a little disappointed with Windows 8, Microsoft has to do a lot to convince those that stuck with Windows 7 to make the jump to Windows 10. The latest video Microsoft has rele (feeds.betanews)

Moon Base Would Be Cheap with Help from Private Industry: Report

The dream of returning humans to the moon could become a reality for the relatively low price of $10 billion, as long as NASA is willing to buy from private spaceflight companies, a new report shows. (space)

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