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50 Open Source Replacements for Windows XP

No description (linuxtoday)

When the internet dies, meet the meshnet that survives

If a crisis throws everyone offline, getting reconnected can be tougher than it looks, finds Hal Hodson (feeds.newscientist)

Brain abnormalities associated with casual marijuana use

No description (kurzweilai)

Next Windows obsolescence panic is 450 days from ? NOW!

The clock is ticking louder for Windows Server 2003 R2 usersWith the not-quite-panic over the end of support for Windows XP behind us, you'd think it's a time to chill out for a bit.? (register)

Ask Ars: The best way to use a lithium-ion battery, redux

You asked us again: How do you prolong an Li-ion battery's life? (feeds.arstechnica)

Calculatormatik 1.9.0

A tool that includes many calculators and converters. 2014-04-19 (freewarefiles)

New 'Google' For the Dark Web Makes Buying Dope and Guns Easy

First time accepted submitter turkeydance (1266624) writes 'The dark web just got a little less dark with the launch of a new search engine that Llets you easily find illicit drugs and other contraband online. Grams, which launched last week and is patter (rss.slashdot)

This Beautiful Browser Add-On Gives You Interesting Stats About Your Browsing

Is there anything more interesting on than statistics? Not the school type, the Internet type. Following your own activity is fascinating, so it& (makeuseof)

Everybody loves a clone: Orphan Black and its sci-fi inspirations

Tatiana Maslany can trace her series' DNA to some of history's best sci-fi. (feeds.arstechnica)

Big asteroids hit Earth far more than we're told, say astronauts

To, well, celebrate Earth Day, April 22, three former astronauts will claim they have evidence that remote parts of the Earth have endured 3 to 10 times more large-scale asteroid strikes than has been revealed. (feedproxy.google)

How To Make Sure You Buy The Best Headphones For Your Budget

There& (makeuseof)

Six Clicks: Linux Mint tips and tricks

No description (linuxtoday)

Can These Sitcom Characters Actually Afford Their Houses?

Realistically, do you think Monica and Rachel could afford to pay rent for their 1,125 square-foot apartment in Manhattan? What about Fraser Krane& (makeuseof)

Awesome Stuff: Stand While You Work

As some folks know, I'm a pretty big believer in standing while you work rather than sitting. It takes a little while to get used to, but these days I greatly prefer standing. While the first few weeks are a bit difficult on your legs and (especially) fee (feedproxy.google)

How has an increase in system complexity affected new programmers?

To our intellectual predecessors: please advise. (feeds.arstechnica)

Not the usual suspects: 10 plucky programming languages on the rise

From Ceylon to Egison, these 10 languages tackle tough programming problems in unique and increasingly popular ways Dek:  From Ceylon to Egison, these 10 languages tackle tough programming problems in uniqu (infoworld)

How to Put the New Google Camera App to Play

If you haven?t as yet got your hands on the new Google standalone Camera app, you need to head for the PlayStore now. For, Google has readied for all you KitKat 4.4 owners an awesome camera option.If you are wondering how to get this one working on your (devicemag)

Explore hidden Windows icons and bitmaps with NirSoft?s ResourcesExtract

The software you run on a PC may be packaged in several different formats: EXE, DLL, CPL and so on. These file types aren't just for executable code, though. They can also contain resources for the program can call on, as required: icons, bitmaps, cursors (feeds.betanews)

To find lost jungle graves, beware of unexploded WWII bombs

The BentProp Project has been searching the Palauan jungle for years to find the remains of POWs and others executed by the Japanese. Unexploded WWII bombs make it a risky quest. (feedproxy.google)

Audi's latest hybrid concept car takes the TT family offroad, with 408HP under the hood

Audi's latest prototype packing an E-Tron hybrid drivetrain is this TT Offroad Concept that takes the TT family beyond the coupes and convertibles we're familiar with. Going on display at the Beijing Motor Show, it combines two electric motors (one... (engadget)

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