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Flying priests crop-dust Russian citizens with holy water to make them stop boozing and bonking

Social afflictions solved by waving an 'inexhaustible chalice' in your faceOrthodox priests in the central Russian city of Tver have been practising an original method of ridding locals of alcohol abuse and fornication: grab some religious relics, jump i (register)

The Closure of a Historic Hospital Is an Ominous Warning Sign

Hahnemann University Hospital has been serving Philadelphia’s poorest residents since 1848; its demise is a harbinger of worse to come-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Latest Win10 Update May Break Internet Connectivity

google_ad_client = \ca-pub-0008535939683877\; google_ad_slot = \6958691424\; google_ad_width = 336; google_ad_height = 280;Users have highlighted two more problems with the latest Windows 10 Update, released September 10, 2019. It\s m (infopackets)

India's Vikram Spacecraft Apparently Crash-Lands on Moon

Communications were lost with the lander, which was carrying a small rover named Pragyan to the lunar surface. (planetary)

Get 25% off this ASUS gaming laptop right now: a great value way into PC gaming

This laptop is a great value way into PC gaming with a sensible and considered build at a reasonable price (gamesradar)

Distribution Release: Clonezilla Live 2.6.3-7

Steven Shiau has announced the release of Clonezilla Live 2.6.3-7, an updated stable build of the useful live CD based on Debian 'Unstable' and shipping with the Clonezilla disk imaging and cloning application as the principal utility: 'Stable Clonezilla (distrowatch)

Analytics exec nicked as Ecuador tries to rush through privacy laws after massive data leak

Government gave them the deets, so not a hacking chargeThe head of Novaestrat, the data analytics company at the centre of the huge leak revealed on Monday involving personal information about more than 20 million Ecuadorian citizens, has been taken into (register)

Scientists Trace Origins of Bronze Age Tin

MANNHEIM, GERMANY?According to a report in The Times of Israel, an international team of scientists led by Daniel Berger of the Curt Engelhorn Center for Archaeometry and his retired colleague Ernst Pernicka analyzed the composition of tin ingots recovere (archaeology)

If Syria pioneered grain processing by watermill in 350BC, the UK in 2019 can do better... right?

Wrong: Biz committee bemoans lack of automation strategyThe UK government needs to come up with an actual strategy to help businesses and workers take advantage of automation and robotics.? (register)

Congratulations! You finally have the 10Mbps you're legally entitled to. Too bad that's obsolete

UK.gov policy slammed for not keeping pace with technologyPlans to introduce a legal right for everyone in the UK to have minimum broadband speeds of 10Mbps next year will be 'obsolete soon after introduction', a Parliamentary report has found.? (register)

You know SAP's doing a great job when a third of German users say they 'have no confidence in it'

SavageSAP's German customers are using a meeting in Nuremberg to complain the company should be doing more to make its products usable.? (register)

Rocks at asteroid impact site record first day of dinosaur extinction

When the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs slammed into the planet, the impact set wildfires, triggered tsunamis and blasted so much sulfur into the atmosphere that it blocked the sun, which caused the global cooling that ultimately doomed the dinos. (geologypage)

Steam Library?s long-overdue makeover is now in public beta

Despite the challenge that Epic Games raised against it, Valve& (feeds.slashgear)

This image-recognition roulette is all fun and games... until it labels you a rape suspect, divorcee, or a racial slur

If we could stop teaching AI insults, that would be greatNetizens are merrily slinging selfies and other photos at an online neural network to classify them... and the results aren?t pretty.? (register)

DNSSEC fueling new wave of DNS amplification attacks

DNS amplification attacks swelled in the second quarter of this year, with the amplified attacks spiking more than 1,000% compared with Q2 2018, according to Nexusguard. Researchers attributed Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) with fueling t (feedproxy.google)

Tor.com?s Free eBook for September is Robert Jordan?s ?New Spring?

Tor.com's ebook of the month club is giving away New Spring by Robert Jordan this week. This is a prequel novel in his The Wheel of Time series. Moiraine Damodred,Continue reading You just finished reading Tor.com& (feedproxy.google)

'Dogwood Winter,' Meet 'Curb Appeal'

Language and the U.S.’s relationship with the outdoors-- Read more on ScientificAmerican.com (rss.sciam)

Distribution Release: PCLinuxOS 2019.09

The PCLinuxOS project has published new install media. The rolling release distribution's latest snapshot carries version number 2019.09 and is available in editions featuring the KDE Plasma, MATE, and Xfce desktop environments. 'The KDE versions both fu (distrowatch)

Suicide in the criminal justice system

September 10th is World Suicide Prevention Day. %A0%A0As part of Springer Nature?s commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we are endeavouring to help raise awareness of SDG 3.4.2 ? reduce suicide mortality rate.%A0 In this blog, Amanda Perry, g (blogs.biomedcentral)

Find.Same.Images.OK 1.96

Find duplicate images on your system - regardless of how much they have been cropped, resized or otherwise manipulated. 2019-09-17 (freewarefiles)

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